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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science for individualised client care. Nutritional Therapy recognises the biochemical individuality of each person, working to understand the imbalances that maybe preventing someone to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.


Nutritional Therapy is a recognised complementary medicine which is conducted in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Nutritional Therapy does not replace the requirement for medical professionals. Practitioners will work alongside medical professionals to support clients and will refer to them when presented with any symptoms which require medical attention.

In addition, Nutritional Therapy practitioners, whilst supporting the client’s health and wellbeing will ensure continued communication between them and the client’s medical professionals.

Nutritional Therapy utilises food and supplements to support both those with chronic conditions and those individuals who would like to improve their overall health including those who wish to improve sporting performance.


Nutritional Therapists do not diagnose or treat medical conditions, and do not recommend nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice.


The Process

Our Nutritional Therapist, Catherine, works with clients on a 1-1 basis at out clinic in Upper Wimpole Street. Prior to the initial appointment, a new client will be asked to complete a Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire (NTQ) which will allow Catherine to prepare for the first appointment.

At the initial session, which last 90 minutes, Catherine will discuss the client’s goals and take a detailed health history using the completed NTQ as a guide for the conversation.  Following this appointment, Catherine will provide an initial Health Optimisation Plan for the client with dietary and lifestyle recommendations as agreed achievable with the client during their discussion.  Where appropriate, supplement recommendations will be made as will functional laboratory testing to assist in identifying any underlying imbalances that may be contributing to the clients symptoms.

Follow up appointments will take place 4-6 weeks apart as agreed with the client. At each appointment recommendations will be provided based on the client’s progress as well as any information gleaned from the functional laboratory testing.

The number of follow up appointments will vary from client to client however Catherine initially works with clients on a minimum of three consultations over a three month period to help embed the client’s initial diet and lifestyle changes. Depending on the individual’s preferences, follow up appointments may also be carried out via Skype or telephone.

For information on Nutritional Therapy Fees

Please contact our Nutritional Therapist via her email address


We offer general osteopathy, osteopathic care of pregnant women, holistic massage, nutritional therapy and the services of a general medical practitioner (off-site).

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