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Your first appointment


At your first appointment, your osteopath will ask you for your full medical history. This will be followed by a thorough assessment of your spinal movements and the muscular, joint and skeletal functions of your whole body.


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Once a diagnosis has been reached, a treatment plan to re-establish the normal balance and function of your body will be explained to you. Depending on the diagnosis, this will take the form of manipulative techniques, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, exercise prescription, visceral techniques (mobilization of the gut area), or cranial techniques.


Your osteopath may also recommend more specific tests such as blood tests, X-ray or MRI. If this is the case, you will be referred to your GP or, if you so choose, you can be referred directly to a radiological centre for X-ray or MRI or to a lab for blood or urine analysis.  We will be a part of your healthcare team and work to provide you top care.

Your first appointment

Important date
Healthy Food Choice
Tochter und schwangere Mutter

At your appointment your Naturopath will discuss many aspects of your lifestyle and diet with you within a comprehensive interview.  Suggestions for any dietary changes, supplementation or biochemical testing will be discussed with you as needed.

Your first appointment

Pancreatic region technique in the side lying position
Sigmoid colon region technique in the supine position
Sigmoid colon region technique in the sitting position

At your initial treatment, a consent form will be required to be filled in and a full case history consultation will be taken by your Osteopath. After the consultation it will be decided whether it is safe to start the treatment.

IBC Care offers general osteopathy, visceral osteopathy, osteopathic care for pregnant women & children as well as Naturopathic Treatment - Functional Medicine Approach.

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